Which Career Path Suits Your Personality?

25 Jun , 2016  

Lost in the day to day grind it can be hard to remember who you are and what is best for you – especially if you are running around surviving, not thriving. Sometimes you are thriving and something is missing because your career doesn’t fit you. career path

A deep understanding of yourself gives you the emotional intelligence and tools to make better decisions… like which career, where to get the training and how to pay for it…

“Good type development can be achieved at any age by anyone who cares to understand his or her own gifts and the appropriate use of those gifts,” said Isabel Briggs Myers

From that simple idea burst forth a personality test highly accurate and wide spread, helping our specialization of tasks AND maximizing our happiness in our jobs…

Each two concept spreads an area of life into a spectrum. For example, you could be 100%E or 100%I or 0%E/I.

Extroverted Vs. Introverted – Directing And Receiving Energy

Do you get your energy from being with people? In crowds? Or just small groups? Does it have to be close friends only? Do you prefer to be alone most of the time? Do you like to listen to podcasts, or books on tape? Do you like silence and are really happy going days without speaking?

Sensing Vs. Intuitive – Taking In Information

Are you using your 5 senses to guide your decisions, thoughts and experiences? How aware are you of each sense? Do you have a 6th sense? Do odd feelings, ‘I just know’, guide your decisions, thoughts and experiences? Is it a good mix of both or one over the other?

Thinking Vs. Feeling – Make Decisions

Do you value objective facts or subjective concerns? Do you remember things with a hazy of emotion or do you recall the stats? Do you feel first and then have thoughts reacting, assigning meaning to them…or do you have thoughts that lead to emotional reactions? Do you prefer and/or deliver the “hard truth” or do you value harmony and tact?

Judging Vs. Perceiving – Approach The Outside World

How do other tend to see you? Do you prefer to have plans or leave things more open ended? Do you appear to be task oriented or taking things as they come to you? Career Path

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