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Why Cover Letters Sell Ketchup to Women Wearing White Gloves

5 Aug , 2015  

One of the largest oversights job seekers make is having a dull and generic cover letter. The cover letters are documents that a lot of people do not understand and can be the difference between landing in the garbage can and getting your dream job or (for some people) just getting a dang job, period! Cover letters are your special key to unlock the door to employment.  This 1-page summation of yourself is supposed to entice your future boss into reading your actual resume and potentially calling you for an interview. But how do you do it?

Garbage Can vs. Phone Call cover letters ketchup glove

  • KEEP IT SHORT! — You do not want to put people asleep with the novel of your achievements going back to getting gold stars in kindergarten. So don’t allow yourself to be long-winded; a short paragraph or sentence will suffice for cover letters.
  • CHEAT! — Seriously, use those resources you have; this includes the job ad your applying for. It tells you exactly what the employer’s requirements and expectations are. Make sure you cater and customize cover letters for each individual employer. This is not actually cheating but being smart, and this may separate your resume over someone else’s.
  • DON’T FORGET THE BASICS — Please do give the basics: the job title, the name of the business,  and the hiring manager. Do not address cover letters to sir or madam. This speaks “I do not care enough to research this job.” There is always a way to find the who to direct a cover letter to. Ever cross your mind to pick up the phone and call the company and ask for the hiring manager’s name?

Yes, It’s Genius — This Idea of Nailing the Cover Letters!

So, if you want to sell yourself with the tack of a veteran car salesman, remember these three important tips, and that lady with the white gloves  reviewing over hundreds of resumes will be licking your word ketchup off her fingers.

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