National Jobs Online: You, the Candidate, Are in Control

5 stars




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National Jobs Online can be considered the pioneering customization tool for any candidate, or even employee, looking for a way to maximize targeting. That’s the biggest benefit of this job site, taking away the one key feature of most job sites and boards out there — instead of having employers post their openings all at once, like throwing your eggs in one basket, National Jobs Online allows the employer to target the posting for the specific user/candidate. Likewise, a candidate can streamline searches to only include certain industries, skillsets or other keywords, but that’s not even the defining characteristic earning National Jobs Online its 5-star rating.

National Jobs Online is all about collaboration — delivering leads of all sorts of postings from other job boards and sites through affiliations and partnerships acquired, ultimately benefiting the job candidate. When you think about it, that’s the secret weapon. In other words, you may not find the same job posting on, for instance, as on  But National Jobs Online distributes as many openings as possible by tapping into those postings on behalf of other sites, and the end result is clear — you, the job candidate, find as many opportunities as possible, leading you to your next dream job. I say that’s worth the 5 stars.

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