Find A Career That Gives You ‘Life Breaks’

25 Jun , 2016  

It’s Not My Lunch Break…It’s My Life Breakfind a career

“That’s my life break, Sweetie…” the stay-at-home AND work Mom says to her preschooler…who doesn’t know the bells, the lines, the sit and eat real fast paced, wolf like, on your foam plates or out your squishy box… Or the adult version…sit in your cubicle and wait in line for the microwave and eat at your desk while you do….

That preschooler might go to school and be shocked that you cannot put your feet up, hold your plate to your chin lean back and take a…life break. Like, “What teacher? I cannot do my math right now…I have to do math during math time? And I’m hungry now but at lunch time? I have to use the restroom right now, and there it is…far away, but I have to ask you?”

Find A Career That, “Give Me A Break…Give Me A Break, Break Me Off A Piece Of That”…Nice Long Life

If you take a merely a lunch break you are probably (now this not testable or provable at all) shaving years off your life and cutting your productivity at work down by oh, let’s say, half.

You cannot look at a screen all day and through lunch, and at home on your Netflix and not be a zombie. The eye strain…the brain hypnosis…human droids lacking empathy, forgetting how to express emotion and read it on the face of another – a key in compassion.

You are a more compassionate person if you soak in your breaks.

Did you know people are click, clicking (working) so hard these days that is common for people to eat at their desk. In front of their computer. Eww. That’s sad. 

“If I didn’t eat lunch at my desk I wouldn’t have eaten.” Do you know this life?

Listen to this oldie but goodie: Michelle Branch, Breathe 

Good Practice For Soaking The Life You Need Out of Your Breaks Is To Breath Deeply

What you would want for your ideal ‘life break’ varies we’d expect from what another person desires. One thing is for sure: breathe deeply, people. It’s proper. It’s PC. It’s best-soul-with-a-body practice. Here is an article that’s well worth your while, for your work productivity and longevity.

If at all possible, get away from your desk at lunch time. Treat yourself nicely. Sit in the sun, chew slowly, relax and live the good life of nice smooth digestion.find a career

Proper breathing eliminates toxins 15% faster than common breathing. Fortunately you could learn proper breathing from your desk, between bites. Plus, you have no choice in the matter. You have to be breathing.

Might as well optimize your breathing skills, and happiness just may follow, flow, in and out.

Perhaps you can take a “life break” lunch break while you rest peacefully between bites and let your mind unwind – wander -focus on your breath – this is called mediation.

Meditation – it just might be the answer to world peace.

Try proper breathing, hydration, sleep, nutrition and exercise FIRST, then ask yourself this question:

What About Your Job Gives You Life?

If it’s nothing – after you’ve checked off the basics…then…it’s time to find another career.

How about a career change? Have you ever considered it?

Click here to investigate your higher education options. I’ve yet to meet someone who regretted going to school. 

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