Make Your Resume Beholder Your Future Employer

25 Jul , 2016  

A Resume Builder That Makes You Cents

Upon cents…upon cents…banking up your job experience so you can cash in on your skills.

Resume Builder Now is awesome. It’s easy to use for you and the product looks best for employees.

Sometimes it can be hard to untangle the web of emotions about resume writing…and just turn off your brain to word format away the day? While you stress about your job.

No, there’s a better way. If you don’t need any convincing. Here’s the goods! Click here to have a great resume, now.

If you have trouble motivating yourself to resume stardom…perhaps you are picking up on the futility of the task…Good job, because why…

Why Reinvent The Wheel?resume builder

A resume is a standardized, necessary aspect to the job hunt. A good resume lands you and interview. A good interview lands you a job. To a great extend beauty is not “in the eye of the beholder”.

Recognizing a visually pleasing resume is key to your success landing a job, and is as simple as design: proportion and composition of positive and negative space and concisely stating the information. Your brain can spot the best on autopilot, educated in design or not – in a MICROSECOND.

Malcolm Gladwell is prefaced very nicely in this article,

“Gladwell is most known for his ability to link sociological and psychological studies with the everyday, and serves as one of the nation’s top public intellects.”

Gladwell wrote a wonderful book about how and why our subconscious is far more powerful than we’d expect or are comfortable admitting called Blink followed by Tipping Point. Just like the titles suggest they are studies on the science of that microsecond in decision making.

Blink Of An Eye Calculations Really Make Our Decisions…

resume builder

If spotting the best resume in a stack is as automatic as it a is then a subconscious jerk reaction is highly evolved and honed…How?

There is a wonderful science to the universe Sacred Geometry. “Sacred geometry involves sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality, most often seen in sacred architecture and sacred art. The basic belief is that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light, cosmology.”

Music, light, cosmology and resumes. Maybe it’s extreme to call an automated, attractive resume template and interface sacred. 

Your resume can absolutely be broken down, artfully, into an algorithm in a grid of binary code (101010101). Input data and bam! You can print off a fly looking piece of paper to impress any beholder, turned future employer.

This resume creator will please your eye and give you more free time.

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Why Cover Letters Sell Ketchup to Women Wearing White Gloves

5 Aug , 2015  

One of the largest oversights job seekers make is having a dull and generic cover letter. The cover letters are documents that a lot of people do not understand and can be the difference between landing in the garbage can and getting your dream job or (for some people) just getting a dang job, period! Cover letters are your special key to unlock the door to employment.  This 1-page summation of yourself is supposed to entice your future boss into reading your actual resume and potentially calling you for an interview. But how do you do it?

Garbage Can vs. Phone Call cover letters ketchup glove

  • KEEP IT SHORT! — You do not want to put people asleep with the novel of your achievements going back to getting gold stars in kindergarten. So don’t allow yourself to be long-winded; a short paragraph or sentence will suffice for cover letters.
  • CHEAT! — Seriously, use those resources you have; this includes the job ad your applying for. It tells you exactly what the employer’s requirements and expectations are. Make sure you cater and customize cover letters for each individual employer. This is not actually cheating but being smart, and this may separate your resume over someone else’s.
  • DON’T FORGET THE BASICS — Please do give the basics: the job title, the name of the business,  and the hiring manager. Do not address cover letters to sir or madam. This speaks “I do not care enough to research this job.” There is always a way to find the who to direct a cover letter to. Ever cross your mind to pick up the phone and call the company and ask for the hiring manager’s name?

Yes, It’s Genius — This Idea of Nailing the Cover Letters!

So, if you want to sell yourself with the tack of a veteran car salesman, remember these three important tips, and that lady with the white gloves  reviewing over hundreds of resumes will be licking your word ketchup off her fingers.

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The Difference Between a “Paycheck” and a PLAYcheck

17 Jul , 2015  

Everyone knows what a “paycheck” is. It’s that piece of paper that says “here you go, do what you can with it, and then wait for the next one.” Not exactly a very positive piece of paper, but it works for some. Not for you. And we get that.

Everyone Gets a “Paycheck” — But What About a PLAYcheck?

We’re all about jobs here. Advancement. Gainful employment and then some. But no one ever talks playcheck Supermanabout the ever-loving playcheck. The word doesn’t exist, mind you. Go ahead and try to search for it in the dictionary. You won’t find it. But for those of us professionals who work really hard to provide for ourselves, our families, and our futures know that this word does exist, and it far exceeds whatever a “paycheck” is.

A PLAYcheck is nothing more than that paycheck and a little extra. By a “little,” of course, I mean some real desserts to use for everything from enhancing quality of life, to storing some funds into savings for a rainy day or for when your oldest daughter’s ready to get into college and needs some help with paying tuition.

The playcheck is what every hard-earning candidate for a National Jobs Online search hopes for! They hope for the big payout. Something that not only gets them on their feet, but shoots them like jetpacks strapped on their backs into the stratosphere of success at Mach 1, faster than a speeding “Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice” trailer. Love the red capes, love the Man of Steel and his ability to manage workload.

Enough Crazy Talk, Though, About Comics —

This is reality. We want pay dirt. We want success. And that’s what National Jobs Online can do as well as any other service out there with one purpose: to boost the employment market and make the U.S. a great place to find opportunity. Where everyone can have a monthly “playcheck” just for fun and not an annual “Christmas” bonus. Sound good? We think so.

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