CareerBuilder: the Preyed-Upon Powerhouse

4 stars




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The bigger they are, the harder they fall. That never seemed truer than now with CareerBuilder, but it’s not their fault when you think about it…. Raise your hand if you ever got that weird, spammy email from a so-called “employer” signed up with CareerBuilder about a job opening. (Raises hand) Sounds like a great thing, in all honesty, but here’s the problem with perhaps 99.9% of those unsolicited emails: the openings are completely wrong for you! Some might even be scams, in fact.

This phenomenon has honestly plagued CareerBuilder for quite awhile, and while candidates get true superior access to a multitude of job openings, the experience sours tremendously for both those candidates and employers with accounts on CareerBuilder all because of the inaccuracy and spam beast often terrorizing INBOX after INBOX all over the country. You know what unsolicited emails I’m talking about, I’m sure — often it’s some direct marketing firm, or work-at-home advertising group. Not particularly effective if you’re a candidate in the construction industry or performing arts, for example.

Still, aside from the craziness often infecting the digital halls of CareerBuilder, the features of checking views, updating your covers and resumes, and other such LinkedIn-type of benefits, that still warrants a pretty respectable 4 stars. Not too shabby. But still a bit spammy.

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