10 Careers With The Best Outlook

24 Jun , 2016  

The idea of switching jobs can be like a cobweb in your head, tormenting your dreams like your current job is a vampire sucking your lifeblood right out of you. It’s hard to admit, too. That urge and unhappiness can be a secret you carry.careers

Baby boomers held a culture where it wasn’t common to switch careers much. You put in your years, worked hard and tried your best…keep your job woes in the deep caverns of your heart. Rebellion is so natural and these days millennials are job hopping, especially in their 20’s and 30’s.

You probably did a fair amount of work to get to your current job. The irony is that statement is fascinating. Marinade in it for a moment. We do work that we pay for…to get work where we are paid. Great. 

Personally, I have nearly 60,000 in debt for a B.A., and if I take that career track my degree gets me a starting salary of: poverty with a dependent. How in the…

At 18 I was thinking about altruism and meaning; not a paycheck. To admit “this isn’t IT for me” is painful, brimming, dripping with shame, embarrassment…It’s like saying, “I was really wrong…”

The voice of self-doubt says, “Since you were wrong, why do you think all of sudden YOU can make a better career choice?” The Vampire of my nightmares – is myself, standing in my own way.

I wasn’t wrong. I am on a journey.

Truly though, this is a natural economic process. Your unhappiness will eventually, hopefully sooner than later, lead you away from needless suffering and your happiness (or demand for) will lead your towards something that is BETTER for you; a.k.a. self-interest.

“Follow your bliss,” says Joseph Campbell (1904-1987). 

Americans are notorious for being product oriented. The quickest way to a goal is a straight line, point A to point B and a lot of weight on B, the result. “All’s well that ends well,” says Shakespeare (1564-1616).

No wonder…in a consumerist, capitalist society we value hard work and innovation and profit. Our language, English, is after all a commerce based language. It’s in the roots.

Truly, life is a journey to be enjoyed through and through…not a means to an end. Your worth is not based in what you do, what you do is not who you are…

Feelin’ your self worth…feel out these careers – that on paper – have the best end goal for the pains of the journey.

The “A” Career List

  • Registered Nurse
  • Truck Driver
  • Medical Secretary
  • Kindergarten or Elementary School Teacher
  • Accountant or Auditor
  • Restaurant Cook
  • Market Research Analysis
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Substance Abuse Counselor

Here’s a list of quick career changes from Monster.com. Maybe getting out of your current job-hell needs to happen. Maybe you need a job to pay for more education so you can get the A-list job. See this B-listing of careers.

Remember it’s not a point A to point B world…and getting a B job, pays for the A job training, just a little meander…

The “B” Career List

  • Wellness Coach
  • Personal Chef
  • Patient Advocate
  • Prospect Engineer
  • Solar-Energy System Installer
  • Emergency Manager


This career change you dream of isn’t going make things smooth as butter, probably. Any change, even the best changes: new baby, marriage, moving…have stress attached to them. This site Mind Tools has a helpful tool for us: categories and vocabulary. Understanding and talking about what we experience is cathartic…it’s also control coping, which is better. Read:careers

“Researchers Mel Fugate, Angelo J. Kinicki, and Gregory E. Prussia argue that there are two major types of coping strategies: “control coping” and “escape coping”.

  • “Control coping” is positive and proactive. You refuse to feel like a victim of change, instead you take charge and do whatever you can to be part of the solution, including managing your feelings.
  • “Escape coping” is based on avoidance. You experience thoughts and emotions, or take specific actions, that help you avoid the difficulties of change. For instance, you might deliberately miss training classes, or show up too late to attend a meeting about the upcoming change.”

Click: for help paying for that education of your choosing. Remember it’s a journey.

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